Horror Game Prototype

This game require a browser that support mouse Lock, Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended.
If you are somehow out of the map or there are no walls or there is an other bug , reload the page and wait for it to load completely ~5 sec, in some cases the game has to be reloaded multiple times.

Your mission is to find the 4 pages without getting touched by the monster, there is no menu, so to restart you must reload the page.

Move, Keys WASD
Look, Mouse

Creator : http://stephcraft.itch.io
Share : http://stephcraft.itch.io/horror-game-prototype


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immediately jumps to "gameOver".

Sorry for that, the prototype doesn't have a main menu to restart so you have to reload the page

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Doesn't help, it's immediately after loading is finished. (Assuming it's not occurring midway loading)

Edit: seems to occur 9 out of 10 starts. This could indicate that the ghosts have a tendency to spawn inside the player-character.